Why do we call ourselves undo3? How is it supposed to be pronounced? Here are the origins of our name, undo3.

  • undo3 can be pronounced as "undo three" and also as  "un-deux-trois (1-2-3)":  we always see things from different perspectives
  • We do not think everything goes as smoothly as "1-2-3", so we try finding new viewpoints by undoing things (=reverse/with a step backward)
  • We aim to undo (=restore) environments through our actions
  • We strive to undo (=release) the creative people in the 3rd world by putting their artwork in public view all over the world
  • Primary colors in lights consist of 3 colours: Red, Green and Blue, making White when combined together. We undo (=separate) the white for colourful life 
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